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Israel. What to expect from 2011-2012 season?

Hershkoviz 2011
Hershkoviz 2011

The second half of last season stood out intense and the season lasted longer than we expected. For the better, as they say. Also, I was busy with other projects, some of which I hope will bear fruit (pun intended) in the coming months, and one of them you can already see here (opens in new window).

And now – closer to the subject. The new export season can already be considered open. As always, it opened with pomegranates – we will not consider the summer season of exotic fruits, which little by little are going mainly on the EU market. Continue reading Israel. What to expect from 2011-2012 season?

Israel. Fruits, vegetables season 2010-2011

Citrus blossom
Citrus blossom

The middle of summer – a short off-season in the export calendar of Israeli fruits and vegetables. In fact, already now we are negotiating with the farmers on production of the new season – dates of harvest and quantities. Therefore for buyers also now is the time to think about the upcoming season and begin to reserve quantities. This is especially important for products beginning in August and September.

More information about the new season – below. Continue reading Israel. Fruits, vegetables season 2010-2011

Gold Sweetie

Gold SweetieBeginning of February in Israel marks the beginning of Gold Sweetie. This variety of sweetie got its name after the color of its skin.
Sweetie season starts in October – November, when most of the fruits are picked from trees. Part of the crop is left on the trees until their skin turns yellow, and this is how we get the Gold Sweetie.

Sweetie, as a citrus fruit variety, has been cultivated by in 1984 by Israeli scientists, from pomelo hybrid and white grapefruit. Continue reading Gold Sweetie