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New vegetables from Negev

Packing houseYesterday I went to visit another grower and packer in Negev. Their brand name is not well-known on the markets yet, since it’s only their 3rd year on their own. Prior to taking the independent route, the company was working on contracts to Agrexco and Ada Fresh, and still supplies them today from time to time.

The operation is put on a large scale, compared to our local standards: the company grows either on their own or in cooperation with other farmers several varieties of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, capsicums, aubergines, cucumbers and other crops. This enables to build mixed produce containers already at the packing house in Israel, thus freeing the importer from necessity to keep large stocks of produce and always to have fresh produce available.
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Israeli capsicumsOne of the main export cultures in Israel are capsicums. Many varieties are available: from classic bell peppers to tiny extra hot chili peppers, in many colors, to cater every taste. Harvest starts as early as September, but since until November there are lots of local capsicums available in Europe, main export season starts somewhere between November and December and lasts till end of April. Main export markets for Israeli capsicums are the Netherlands, UK and Russia.

In Israel capsicums are grown in large greenhouses, in two main areas at the South of the country: West of Negev desert and Arava valley. Continue reading Capsicums


One of the most popular winter fruits are mandarins. Known also as “easy-peelers”, these little orange juicy fruits are the most popular citrus eaten as a snack. Easy-peelers is also probably the most diverse citrus group, with dozens of varieties,  sub-varieties and hybrids.

Israeli grown mandarins are famous for their taste and quality and here we take a closet look at them.


Satsuma are the first mandarins of the season, harvested from the end of September through November. Continue reading Mandarins