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Summary for Israeli grape season

Israeli grapesThe short export season of Israeli grapes is over. Due to weather conditions – cool and cloudy spring in the region, both in Israel and Egypt grape season started with a delay of 2-3 weeks. Since Egypt was not giving reliable information about the start of theirs season, some importers have preferred to postpone orders of early grapes from Israel, believing that the grapes from Egypt would start at the same time as from Israel.
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Israel. Fruits, vegetables season 2010-2011

Citrus blossom
Citrus blossom

The middle of summer – a short off-season in the export calendar of Israeli fruits and vegetables. In fact, already now we are negotiating with the farmers on production of the new season – dates of harvest and quantities. Therefore for buyers also now is the time to think about the upcoming season and begin to reserve quantities. This is especially important for products beginning in August and September.

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