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Avocado starts on wrong foot

Fallen avocadoAvocado season was much expected by importers in Russia and during the first 2 weeks of the crop the prices were high.

Reports from the very first shipment of Ettinger variety showed that some growers had quality problems – the life of the fruit was much shorter than expected. Second shipment, a week later showed the very same problems and this caused the market prices to collapse below at-the-field prices.

For my opinion, there are two reasons for poor quality of avocado this year: Continue reading Avocado starts on wrong foot

Israel. Fruits, vegetables season 2010-2011

Citrus blossom
Citrus blossom

The middle of summer – a short off-season in the export calendar of Israeli fruits and vegetables. In fact, already now we are negotiating with the farmers on production of the new season – dates of harvest and quantities. Therefore for buyers also now is the time to think about the upcoming season and begin to reserve quantities. This is especially important for products beginning in August and September.

More information about the new season – below. Continue reading Israel. Fruits, vegetables season 2010-2011