Summary for Israeli grape season

Israeli grapesThe short export season of Israeli grapes is over. Due to weather conditions – cool and cloudy spring in the region, both in Israel and Egypt grape season started with a delay of 2-3 weeks. Since Egypt was not giving reliable information about the start of theirs season, some importers have preferred to postpone orders of early grapes from Israel, believing that the grapes from Egypt would start at the same time as from Israel.

Summing up the season of grapes – this year importers can be happy with the results, but the farmers have things worse. Despite a preliminary agreement on a minimum price for each week, in the third week of the export (or first, if you count the massive shipments by sea) prices fell sharply and continued to decline. Buyers, remembering the past, were afraid to pay a high price, and the producers were afraid to stay with an excess of fruit. In addition, grapes from Egypt (which only shipped single containers) also little by little pushed the market prices down in Russia and in Holland. And then, even those companies that had two to five containers of grapes dramatically lowered prices, and also sent several containers to Novorossiysk without receiver. As a result, farmers received for their grapes much less than expected.

From my point of view, if part of the grapes would appear on the local market, farmers and packers would have received more than from export. Until now, there is a shortage of quality grapes on the local market.

Grape export from Israel

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