Exports of carrots from Israel suspended

israeli carrotOn this week board of carrot manufacturers of Israel had decided to temporarily suspend the export of carrots from Israel to Russia. Contrary to press reports, it is termination of export over the next three weeks, not 3 months. Under the ban are all CIS countries. Exports to Western Europe and the United States have not been terminated.

The decision to ban was made in connection with very low prices on Israeli carrots on Russian market. Low prices for this season are a consequence of large and high-quality crop of carrots in Russia and Europe, as well as an excess of carrots at Israeli growers. To our knowledge, none of the Israeli carrot growers did not reduce the number of planted carrots this year, and some have even increased the number from last year. And this despite the fact that although during the previous year in Russia was quite a high demand for carrots, there was no shortage in export carrots in Israel.

Board of manufacturers believes that the suspension of exports will contribute to higher prices on the market. However, in our opinion, as well as in the opinion of some of the major exporters, such a view is naive. First, this year more carrots were shipped to St. Petersburg, with transit time of 3 weeks, so the arrivals will be regular throughout April. Second, in warehouses in Russia has accumulated quite a lot of carrots. Thirdly – Belgium, Holland and China, as well as Russian carrot packers shouldn’t be forgotten. They all give a similar quality product, though with much less shelf life. And fourth – it is rumored that the agreement on the suspension of exports have signed only 10 out of 13 manufacturers…

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