Start of Israeli capsicum season

Fresh orange capsicum
Just from the field

At this time the Israeli capsicum export season begins. Some growers have already shipped their first containers during the past 2 weeks, while others prefered to send first crop to local market and will join this and next week. Most of the early produce goes to Russian market which has slightly better prices than those in Netherlands.

Beginning of this season so far promises us steady supply and good quality all way long, unless something unexpected happens with weather. Mild summer weather had contributed a lot to that fact – see the photos taken this and last week in various growing areas. However, the fact that we have stable supply from now on means that we might face earlier ending of the current season – even if the produce will be there in large quantities in late Spring, there are chances that it’s quality won’t be on par with the same period of 2011.

Green red capsicum
Red in 2 weeks

Green yellow paprika
Yellow in 2 weeks

Split red capsicum
Thickness of red capsicum

Split orange paprika
Thickness of orange capsicum

Regarding the prices, I think this season looks interesting. During September and October prices for capsicum all over the Europe were extremely low, due to various conditions. Last week, the prices started to pick up, and looks like they will match last season’s prices of the same period. However, if there won’t happen anything unexpected, looks like the prices will go down again during January and stay at that level till March. March will probably be the last month of this season for large exports from Arava, at least from warm net-houses.

Paprika growing
Everything is ready for winter crop

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