Israel. What to expect from 2011-2012 season?

Hershkoviz 2011
Hershkoviz 2011

The second half of last season stood out intense and the season lasted longer than we expected. For the better, as they say. Also, I was busy with other projects, some of which I hope will bear fruit (pun intended) in the coming months, and one of them you can already see here (opens in new window).

And now – closer to the subject. The new export season can already be considered open. As always, it opened with pomegranates – we will not consider the summer season of exotic fruits, which little by little are going mainly on the EU market.

Early varieties of pomegranate this year ripened later than usual. Their size was also smaller than usual in the first weeks. Together with earlier Uraza this year, the demand for pomegranate was lower than in previous years. And of course many traders remained hesitant after low prices on Israeli fruits earlier this year. In my opinion, a profound drop in market prices of citrus during the summer also contributed to the hesitation of buyers.

And this leads us to the massive export fruit – Sweetie. From conversations with farmers follows they expect bigger harvest than last year, and of higher quality. Mild summer weather contributed to this. On the other hand, some packers expect higher demand from Asia, mainly from Japan. Earlier, Japan and Korea have preferred small calibres – 45-55, while last year the trend suddenly changed, and they were also buying large amounts of large caliber, which is preferred in Russia and in Europe.

And despite the fact that the season starts in 10 days, there is no certainty on prices yet.

In three weeks time Sunrise grapefruit season begins. In my opinion, at this point, chances are about 50/50 that by then the citrus market in Russia will stabilize: on one hand, the summer fruit has already finished. On the other – the latest batch of South African grapefruit is leaving this week, which haven’t happened in the past. And there is a chance that the market simply can not “digest”  both fruits at once. A more precise answer we’ll know in the coming weeks.

Next week we will, as always in this time of year, be in Moscow, at the World Food Moscow 2011 fair, from 13 to 16 September. For appointments, please send us an SMS or email. You can also use the contact form, which is here.

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