Israel. Late start for citrus season

Container of Sweeties in NovorossijskThis weekend our first shipment of Sweetie grapefruits from Israel have arrived to customers in Novorossijsk.
We started this season much later than usual due to very hot summer: long periods of high temperatures in the second half of the summer caused all the grapefruits to grow smaller and with less sugar than usual. Therefore, we choose to wait until big and medium sizes, that our customers prefer, become available.

Box of Sweetie grapefruits
Sweetie grapefruits

Generally, the crop is good, at same level as last year, but at least now there is less fruit available for our markets: Far East markets have switched this year from small and very small fruit to fruits of all sizes, and it causes higher prices and lesser availability.
High temperature also caused lighter fruit color in many orchards, so the Sweetie comes in various shades of green, from light to dark.

Packing of Sweetie grapefruits
Packing of Sweetie grapefruits

Similar fate hit the Sunrise grapefruits – till now majority of the fruits are smaller than usual, although the sugar levels are already at normal level.

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