Israel. Photo report from citrus plantation

Grapefruit garden
Grapefruit garden

Preparations for the new season are on their way and last week we paid a visit to one of our citrus growers.

Due to his unique location, all the crops are one of the earliest in Israel. The plantation isn’t big but has a wide selection of citrus fruit: Sunrise and Marsh grapefruits, a variety of Navel orange, Nova mandarins, Michal clementine and some pomelo and Sweeties.

The fruit looks good and so should be the crop: plenty of fruit and good sizes. Most of the fruit will be ready for harvest during September. Now I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Sunrise Grapefruits
Sunrise Grapefruits are starting to pick color. They will grow more prior to harvest.
White Marsh Grapefruit
White Marsh grapefruit are keeping pace with Sunrise.
Green pomelo fruit
Green pomelo. Still has time to grow but already weights more than 350 grams.
Early Navel Orange
Early Navel orange. This variety is also known as Washington. Will be full natural orange color by the time it will be harvested.
A baby Nova mandarin
A baby Nova mandarin. One of the best varieties of mandarins.

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