Israel. Fruits, vegetables season 2010-2011

Citrus blossom
Citrus blossom

The middle of summer – a short off-season in the export calendar of Israeli fruits and vegetables. In fact, already now we are negotiating with the farmers on production of the new season – dates of harvest and quantities. Therefore for buyers also now is the time to think about the upcoming season and begin to reserve quantities. This is especially important for products beginning in August and September.

More information about the new season – below.

Export season starts with 2 varieties of pomegranate: Acco and 116. Approximately starting with the 2nd week of August harvest of Acco begins in southern Israel. Acco pomegranate has very beautiful red grain, but the fruits are small, especially in the early fruit. Variety 116 is more pale, but larger. This variety will be harvested starting with late August in north and south. This fruit is larger than Acco. Pomegranate season in Israel will continue till the end of March, and more about different varieties of pomegranates I’ll write next time.

In mid-September starts citrus season. Then will start early Star Ruby grapefruit, 4-5 weeks ahead of Turkey. In late September Satsuma mandarin will begin. October will bring the popular Sweetie and Pomelo.

Also in mid-September or later in the month begins avocado season. Early avocado fruits of small caliber are quite delicate and therefore the season will begin with large calibers.

Next on the plan – capsicum, radish, celery and eggplant. After the New Year they will be joined by carrots and potatoes. On evidence of the current weather conditions in Russia we advise to reserve the quantities as soon as possible.

Also, if the proper interest exists, we plan to bring for our customers fresh pineapple, grapes, melons and watermelons.

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  1. Sir:

    I would like to know if you export fruits and vegetables to the USA and where can I
    buy them.
    I would also like to know if your products are organically grown

  2. Currently we don’t sell our produce to the US. However, it is possible to find Israeli products in the US, mostly organic. Your best bet would be to contact directly large local importers.

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