Fresh Jaffa lime from Israel

Lime from IsraelThis week we start with export of fresh limes from Israel.

Lime is, for some reason, an underestimated fruit: it’s several times more juicy than a lemon, has nicer aroma and taste and no stones. It’s popular in Europe and Middle East, but almost unknown in Russia.

Although the world lime market is dominated by Brazilian fruit (due to very suitable climate), Israeli lime has its own place on the market, especially in Europe.
Jaffa lime
There are several differences between Israeli and Brazilian lime: Israeli lime comes in 4 kg boxes, mostly under famous Jaffa brand, but due to different climate the color is lighter than of Brazilian lime. Because of the color issue, Israeli lime at the beginning of the season is cheaper than the Brazilian fruit. However, second / third crops of lime in Israel come at late spring, when there is sometimes a shortage in supply of South American lime and then the prices pick up.

Jaffa lime from Israel
Jaffa brand lime from Israel

5 thoughts on “Fresh Jaffa lime from Israel”

  1. Where the heck can one buy limes in ISRAEL?!

    I see that they export them, but have not seen any domestically (in Israel until this recently, sept 2010 and no they are not from “Jaffa

  2. Good question, Limey!!!
    I moved to Ashdod a year ago (previous resident of Florida and Texas) and am heartbroken!
    I have yet to see a single lime ANYWHERE!!! I can’t even find lime juice!?!!
    When I make Mexican or Tex-Mex food at home, it just doesn’t taste the same without lime juice! 🙁
    I once had a margarita & tacos special at a notorious “American” Bar/Restaurant/Live Music Venue (which shall remain unnamed, as I actually like them, but here, I’m complaining!)… The margarita was made with LEMON. YUK! Tequila NEEDS LIME!!!
    Can anyone help me?

  3. Israeli lime season is low in volume and short. Main harvest is during the summer months, May to August. And even then, you’ll have a hard time finding it. Best bet would be to place a special order with your greens grocery.

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