Israeli easy-peelers’ season

Israeli easy-peelerIsraeli easy-peelers season is close to the end. Last Murcotts for Russia should be loaded this (14) week, while Mandor will last another week or two: still too early to tell, since some growers have shipped all their fruit already, while others still keep it. In any case, in my opinion in 2 weeks all easy peelers from Israel will be over: the market in Russia is almost empty of Turkish easy peelers and is ready to accept big volumes, and on the other side Israeli growers prefer to put grapefruits rather than mandarins into storages.

I reckon, that for the next 4-6 weeks Israeli easy-peelers are one of the best positions on Russian market: imports from other Mediterranean countries are over, Pakistani mandarins cannot be really compared, and imports from RSA and Argentina are very low.
All that is left is to hope that easy-peeler market this year will be better than last year.

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