Pomegranates have arrived!

Packed pomegranates
Packed pomegranates
A few days ago after 20 days in transit our pomegranates have arrived safe and sound to the customer. The fruit, which was harvested before the winter rains, arrived without any damage at all.
Boxes of pomegranatesTo ensure the quality, the fruit has been packed in special Zoe-pack bags, that feature four tiny holes that avoid excessive level of gases in and out of the bag. Long storage in controlled atmosphere prior to packing kept the taste and look almost the same as it was when the pomegranates were picked from the tree.
The pomegranates were packed in 5kg boxes and delivered in all sizes ranging from 5 to 12 fruits per box. This means, that our fruit is the largest fruit available on the market and still is competitive to Indian pomegranate price-wise.
So, make your notes and start putting your orders for the next year, as there is never enough late pomegranates available!
Fresh pomegranates
As fresh as at the day they were picked

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