Capsicums season

Class 2 capsicum
Class 2 capsicum
As usual, it’s been a long season for capsicums. With Spanish capsicum over, and lower than expected crop of the Dutch capsicum, Israeli capsicum stays almost alone on the market. But Israeli growers can’t make miracles, and the local season is also coming to an end. There is still plenty to go and many growers will continue exports into May, but don’t let this fool you. Late capsicum has more gentle and slightly thinner walls, thus making it more vulnerable to damages during transportation, even if it’s only a week. Depending on variety and place of growing, the loss can be between 10% to 25%. Under 5%? It’s a bliss!
Generally, yellow capsicums are the most gentle varieties for transport, while oranges and reds come somewhat behind.
So if your capsicums come these months with this percentage of damage – just claim your part for the damaged cargo and that’s it. Growers and exporters are very well aware of the situation, so they try to select the best product possible.
The picture on the left shows a Class 2 fruit, which may become a valuable option in the next two months, as it’s obviously cheaper than Class 1 and maintains all of its qualities except appearance.

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