Gold Sweetie season ends early

Gold Sweetie GrapefruitA month ago I’ve blogged here on the Gold Sweetie grapefruit season.

Back then, everyone here expected the season to last till the end of March. However, now it seems that the season will finish 2 weeks earlier than usual. The quantity of export quality fruit was lower this year and some buyers might receive less fruit than they’ve ordered.

I reckon, that the shorter season of Gold Sweetie marks probable development of other grapefruit varieties’ season, which usually have continued till end of May and sometimes even June. This means, that customers might turn to RSA and Argentinian fruits earlier than before. Will it influence the price for overseas fruit? I don’t think so. With all the respect, quantities shipped from Israel are no match for those shipped from Argentina or RSA.

Gold Sweetie Grapefruit is loading for Russia
Gold Sweetie Grapefruit is loading for Russia

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