Gold Sweetie

Gold SweetieBeginning of February in Israel marks the beginning of Gold Sweetie. This variety of sweetie got its name after the color of its skin.
Sweetie season starts in October – November, when most of the fruits are picked from trees. Part of the crop is left on the trees until their skin turns yellow, and this is how we get the Gold Sweetie.

Sweetie, as a citrus fruit variety, has been cultivated by in 1984 by Israeli scientists, from pomelo hybrid and white grapefruit.
Nutrition specialists have concluded that sweetie lowers the level of bad cholesterol better than pomelo or grapefruit. It’s also sweeter than a grapefruit (hence the name) and isn’t as large as pomelo. Large calibers of sweeties (11 to 26) are usually sold in CIS countries, while smaller ones are requested in the European Union.
Sweetie Gold
This fruit can be stored at +8 degrees for 4-5 weeks while keeping all its quality and nutritional properties.

Israeli sweetie is already well-known in Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, France and other countries. The harvest of Gold Sweetie will continue till the end of March.

2 thoughts on “Gold Sweetie”

  1. Nu am stiut despre acest fruct. Sunt interesat de el. De unde se poate achizitiona plante de Sweetie si daca plantele din seminte fac fructe. Multumesc.

  2. I suggest you check citrus breeders from Israel. As far as I’m aware, this fruit isn’t grown nowhere outside Israel. The fruit itself can be bought in many countries during October – November: Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe, Japan and Korea.

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