Carrot shortage

CarrotStrong cold cyclone that entered Israel on Sunday night have caused severe rains all over the country. On the South of country in 24 hours the rainfall amounted for a monthly average and floods had cut off the South from the ports. In other place of the country fields are covered in deep mud, making even the tractors useless.
Because of this, in one day carrot prices went up by 10-15%, while quantity of available products shrank to half of expected quantity. Because the carrot variety that is harvest now cannot be stored for more than 4 weeks, growers harvest it 1-2 days before the vessel leaves port. But even knowing of the upcoming storm didn’t help to farmers: last season the demand for early carrot was lower, so the farmers have planted less carrots for this season. As such, we expect the shortage on carrot market to continue for another 3 weeks, until other varieties kick in. As for early carrot – this week the harvest might start only on Friday, so we reckon that next week’s prices will stay at current level.

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