Agromashov 2010

Agromashov 2010The annual Agromashov exhibition took place in Tel Aviv this week. This exhibition is covering all aspects of agriculture industry – from soil preparation all the way to export of end produce. Therefor, the scope of exhibitors was very wide: from fertilizers and seeds developers, through watering technologies to agricultural vehicles and packaging. I’m not sure wherever it’s the crisis or general lack of interest, but quantity of exhibiting growers and exporters has been degrading during previous years, and this year there was only one exporter of fresh produce.

As usual, amongst the exhibitors were also various growers’ associations and research institutions, and to me they’ve brought some news. The picture below shows some new vegetables varieties developed this year, and no, no Photoshop or other photo editing programs have been used to alter the colors. Other new varieties of vegetables and fruits exhibited include new strawberries, potatoes, capsicums / hot peppers and courgettes.New vegetable varieties More well-known varieties could be found at stands of seed-producing companies:Tomatoes

A large stand of Israeli Fruit Growers’ Association has been devoted exclusively to exotic fruits grown in Israel, some of which have been unknown to most visitors of the exhibition. The stand displayed various varieties of pitaya developed and grown in Israel, including the new Desert King (below).Desert King pitaya

There were also passiflora and avocados, red banana, annona and papaya on display. Passiflora

On the more exotic side, there were several berries of South American origin, such as sapodilla and pitanga:Pitanga and Sapodilla The popular eco trend has been represented by several companies offering sun to electricity and wind to electricity technologies and by this modular reusable packaging. The latter idea is rather good, but I doubt it could be used for exporting fresh produce.Reusable boxesTo sum up, I would certainly recommend this exhibition to growers or those, interested in new agricultural technologies and developments. However, if you are interested only in finished product – pass on to another fair.Annona and other exotics

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