Sharon fruit

“Winter peach”, “winter cherry”, “Chinese peach” – these are just a few nicknames of persimmons. Majority of fruits sold in Europe is divided into two groups: kaki and Sharon fruit.

So what’s so special about Sharon fruit?
This Israeli variety grows well not only in Israel, but also in California and South Africa. Its harvest period in Israel is from November till February, depending on the region, and it comes just in time as Spanish kaki harvest starts to end. Because all the fruit is harvested half-ripe, it stores well, so may be kept in storage for up to 3 months. As opposed to kaki, Sharon fruit can be enjoyed while not fully ripen as well: it lacks the astringent taste of unripe kaki, so you can eat it as a peach.As you can see, there is visual difference between kaki and Sharon fruit: Sharon fruit is smaller in size and got flatter shape, as opposed to round and heart-shaped other varieties. It got thin skin, no seeds at all and no tanning particles that give bitter taste to some varieties.

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