Summary for Israeli grape season

Israeli grapesThe short export season of Israeli grapes is over. Due to weather conditions – cool and cloudy spring in the region, both in Israel and Egypt grape season started with a delay of 2-3 weeks. Since Egypt was not giving reliable information about the start of theirs season, some importers have preferred to postpone orders of early grapes from Israel, believing that the grapes from Egypt would start at the same time as from Israel.
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Exports of carrots from Israel suspended

israeli carrotOn this week board of carrot manufacturers of Israel had decided to temporarily suspend the export of carrots from Israel to Russia. Contrary to press reports, it is termination of export over the next three weeks, not 3 months. Under the ban are all CIS countries. Exports to Western Europe and the United States have not been terminated. Continue reading Exports of carrots from Israel suspended

Start of Israeli capsicum season

Fresh orange capsicum
Just from the field

At this time the Israeli capsicum export season begins. Some growers have already shipped their first containers during the past 2 weeks, while others prefered to send first crop to local market and will join this and next week. Most of the early produce goes to Russian market which has slightly better prices than those in Netherlands. Continue reading Start of Israeli capsicum season

Israel. What to expect from 2011-2012 season?

Hershkoviz 2011
Hershkoviz 2011

The second half of last season stood out intense and the season lasted longer than we expected. For the better, as they say. Also, I was busy with other projects, some of which I hope will bear fruit (pun intended) in the coming months, and one of them you can already see here (opens in new window).

And now – closer to the subject. The new export season can already be considered open. As always, it opened with pomegranates – we will not consider the summer season of exotic fruits, which little by little are going mainly on the EU market. Continue reading Israel. What to expect from 2011-2012 season?

No stability in capsicum prices

Severe weather conditions first in Israel, later in Western Europe and Russia have strongly affected the prices for capsicums during the past month.
First, drought and extremely hot weather in Israel caused lower crops. Later, strong snowfalls in Europe caused lower demand from end consumers and delivery delays, which was followed by over supply of capsicums that were expected to arrive and sell before Xmas, but in fact arrived afterwards. Continue reading No stability in capsicum prices

Avocado starts on wrong foot

Fallen avocadoAvocado season was much expected by importers in Russia and during the first 2 weeks of the crop the prices were high.

Reports from the very first shipment of Ettinger variety showed that some growers had quality problems – the life of the fruit was much shorter than expected. Second shipment, a week later showed the very same problems and this caused the market prices to collapse below at-the-field prices.

For my opinion, there are two reasons for poor quality of avocado this year: Continue reading Avocado starts on wrong foot